Coaching For Performance

Yes, we’re powered by technology; Yes, it’s evolving faster than ever; Yes, digital interactions are on the rise, but this is still all about person-to-person interactions. Our most valuable asset is still the human capital that we employ and strong leadership is still the most powerful tool at our disposal for optimized performance.

Workforce planning, workforce rewarding

It starts with the effective planning and scheduling of each client’s workforce requirements based on their particular program’s parameters. Applying advanced predictive scheduling algorithms is only a starting point, optimal staffing requires quick modifications based on actual call patterns once a program is live and this artful application is a Zedd bench strength. Keeping a workforce engaged once running is a different ball game all together and starts with an atmosphere of mutual respect. It also requires creating a physical environment that fosters both comfort and healthy interactions. Positive reinforcement is achieved by not only rewarding singular conversion events, but by also incenting the positive behaviours that lead to those conversions, and this is one of the key ingredients to our performance success.

A place to grow is a place to stay

The biggest hindrance to progressively better performance is a high level of attrition requiring a continuous inflow of newly trained agents at the beginning of the performance curve. Zedd Customer Solutions boasts one of the lowest levels of attrition in our industry and we do this by ensuring that all of our employees have the right tools and training to set them up for success. We also ensure that clear career pathing exists to deliver job satisfaction over the long haul.