Maximizing Conversions

(a) Identify the customer pain point, (b) present your unique solution to this unmet need, (c) demonstrate the ease in accessibility to your solution, (d) ask for the sale. This is the formula that forms the basis of the customized sales solutions we construct for our clients.

Both outbound and inbound contacts

Whether it’s outbound push marketing campaigns or calls received from pull marketing or service events, we are always looking for ways to present to your customers purchase avenues to problem solutions. In a push scenario this may be a simple, well crafted sales pitch, in pull scenarios this usually takes the form of presenting alternative (purchase) solutions to traditional service requests. We entrench ourselves in our client’s business to help create the most optimized approach to grow their business, always with an eye on maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Breadth of experience and services

From Communications to Financial Services to Insurance, we’ve helped companies grow in some of the most fiercely contested competitive environments. Over-and-above simple customer contact management, our value added success services include compelling script design, education curriculum development, telephony and digital contact solution architecture, trend reporting and data analytics, harvesting consumer insights.

Outbound telemarketing supports our clients to reach their target prospects to take up their services / product very effectively. We reach the right person at the targeted companies through our effective follow ups on customer leads and proactive customer services.