Predictable, Repeatable Results

We understand the importance of being able to accurately forecast the performance of your outsource contact centre partners, both from an expense and a return standpoint. At Zedd Customer Solutions we believe that a predictable partner is a long-term partner. Through standardized operational best practices shaped by real world results that drive continuous improvement, we strive not only to repeat, but to best past performances.

Strategy amplified through technology

Powered by Altitude Software’s Unified Communications Suite, we have the ability to fine tune every facet of your customer engagement strategy. Whether inbound, outbound, blended or even social media and apps support, the architecture allows us to have a singular view of the customer, independent of their chosen medium of contact. What this means is a more holistic view of your customer’s behaviour and the ability to examine a broader canvass of decision making data points.

Data that drives insights and opportunities

The data canvass that we are able to tap into brings new insights to your contact management strategies. These can be used to simply modify existing programs or to fuel current marketing automation applications you may be running internally. Our technology backbone also allows for even greater automation beyond simple email programs, it allows for proactive automated customer contact campaigns that leverage phone and self-service channels as well.