Dialer & VOIP Services

AMG’s app-oriented infrastructure enables a unique experience, customized towards your business and industry; each AMG CRM has full VOIP integration, including fully-featured inbound/outbound ACD, IVR, queues and unlimited dialing minutes at a LOW flat rate.

Simple Pricing / Month-to-Month or Annual

Our pricing is simple. No long-term contracts. Monthly or annual pricing is based on the number of seats. Adding or removing
seats is easy.

Cloud Based / From 3 to 1000+ Agents

No special hardware or system purchases are necessary to run AMG. All you need is a computer, a headset, and an Internet connection for each agent.

Voice Quality / We Use Top Tier Providers

For crystal clear voice quality, we lease voice lines from premium providers, such as Comcast and AT&T. Agents communicate better and are more effective.

CRM Integration / Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite

AMG integrates with all the leading CRM packages including Salesforce, Oracle, and NetSuite. AMG also has basic CRM functionality built right in.

Call Center Versatility / Inbound, Outbound, & Blended

AMG works in all call environments. Whether your agents are in an inbound, outbound, or blended, the system works seamlessly to improve productivity.

Agent Extensions / Voicemail / Forwarding

All of the features your professional sales reps’ need to stay in contact with your customers and reach more leads…

API Capabilities

Integrate with the system of your choice or build your own custom solution using our API capabilities.

Automated Tasks

Automatically prioritize your dialing lists and email reports to administrators on a recurring schedule.

Blended Inbound and Outbound

Blended channels with unrestricted inbound and outbound calling channels.

Call Recording

Record all inbound / outbound calls, or selected calls only.

Caller ID Proximity Matching

Own and display phone numbers that are the closest in proximity to the leads you are dialing.

CRM Built-In

Utilize our all-in-one built in CRM solution, with no additional downloads or integrations required.

Custom Agent Statuses

Create custom agent statuses and generate agent and payroll reports based on these statuses.

Custom Dispositions and Queues

Organize your leads to suit your workflow process, with custom dispositions and queues.

Custom Profile Fields

Customize a lead’s profile using a variety of form fields that can be imported, exported, and dialer targeted.

Dynamic Scripts

Create sales scripts for your agents with dynamically generated lead data embedded within the script.

Inbound Agent Intercept

Allow agents to intercept inbound calls from the leads they initially contacted.

Inbound Queue Strategy

Prioritize your inbound queues, and select a ring configuration to strategically distribute calls to your agents.

Inbound Queues (Unlimited)

Create and configure unlimited inbound queues to route calls to specific agents or groups of agents.

Inbound Queue Voice mail

Group voicemail boxes on your inbound queues come with the ability to transfer a voicemail to an agent, and to set up email notifications.

Instant Messaging

Utilize real-time collaboration with the built-in AMG Instant Messenger.

IVR (Advanced Configuration)

Create and customize multiple IVRs based on dynamic rules, including time of day and caller options.

Lead Targeting

Dial only the leads you want to dial by targeting them using a custom criteria that includes lead data, lead status and more.

Live Transfers

Transfer calls to specific agents or to Live Transfer Queues that include groups of agents.

Built-in Firewall

Prevent your agents from signing in from home and other insecure locations by using our Firewall.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reporting, stats and analytics for Agents, Dialer, Campaigns and more.

Third Party Lead Posting

Automatically post leads into AMG from third party lead vendors, or from your lead generation website.

VOIP Services

Unlimited VOIP at the industries best price

Agent Callback Calendar

Personalized, agent-specific folders and callback calendars, with Google Calendar Synchronization.

Appointment Calendars

Unlimited Appointment Queue calendars that can be shared with multiple users and synchronized with Google calendars.

Custom Do Not Call List

Import, export, filter and edit your own DNC list, with custom reason filtering.

Agent and Dial List Prioritization

Prioritize your agents and dialing lists based on skill level and importance.

Live Floor Monitoring

Monitor all agents in real time from one screen, with the ability to Listen, Whisper, Barge in on a call.

Conference Calling

Utilize preconfigured conference rooms to bridge in multiple parties internally and externally.

Dialer Speed Configuration

Configure the dialer speed to your specifications to dial multiple channels in the background.